Our product roadmap is implemented via our release schedule following approval by our change board.

We operate on a 3-weekly sprint cycle and releases are staggered as follows:

  • Exchange is released on Wednesday (this is the date the release cycle starts)
  • Portal test environments (sandpit and staging) are released the day after, Thursday
  • Portal Production (live) environment is released the following Wednesday
  • Exact dates are communicated to end users / end user support desks prior to each release


The next scheduled release cycles start on:


  • 15th June 2022
  • 6th July 2022
  • 27th July 2022
  • 17th August 2022

The different environments are upgraded at different times as follows;

Sandpit:                12:00 – 13:30 – this is the initial TEST system
Staging:                15:00 – 16:30 – this is the secondary TEST system
Production:         17:00 – 18:30 – this is the LIVE system and downtime will impact impact ALL end users

Release Notes

The following is a summary of releases, grouped by Product, and referencing any linked Ideas and Fixes

Release 34 – 22/6/22 – Portal


Release 33 – 15/6/22 – Exchange, Console and Portal test environments


  • TPP non-GP HTML views integrated into the Exchange middleware – this will not present data to consumers at this time until PIX registrations are complete
  • Data sharing opt-out mechanism – ensuring Interweave does not share data for those who have formally opted out of data sharing for direct care purposes, and also to honour the S-flag in PDS. Functionality introduced includes:
    • check the data coming in against a list of NHS numbers
    • stop the data coming in / flag the data as not to be shared.
    • alert the provider / ask them to exclude records in future
    • Improved error handling from GP Connect

Consolethe new brand name for the Onboarding Suite

  • Onboarding Suite renamed to Interweave Console and Interweave branding applied
  • Dashboard to monitor Consumer status – a feature for the Support team
  • New graphing tools for message monitoring



Release 33 – 31/5/22 – Portal

  • P-182: Logout behaviour change for TPP launch – no longer asks the user to login via portal screen, user must close window and launch from TPP
  • P-181: Interweave branding implemented
  • P-180: Audit of admin activities – enhancement of audit capabilities
  • P-179: Tenancy report – ability to report of which panels are enabled in tenancies
  • P-183: Timeout warning message – system warns user that it will timeout unless they choose to keep the session open


Note: Removing Proxy from TPP – Not in the release, it is routing config change, being undertaken at a mutually agreed time between Harrogate Practices and Interweave:
12:00 to 13:00 24th May 2022.

Release 33 – 25/5/22 – Exchange

ICROB-544: Unable to save settings for consumer (CARE-PORTAL under NOTTSCR)


Release 32.1 – 12/5/22


  • End of Life panel – for further testing only
  • various fixes tbc


Release 32 – 4/5/22 


  • Registration of patients with Black Pear End of Life care plans
  • Ability to monitor all Providers from a single table to aid service management
  • Additional scope for managing provider records
  • other fixes tbc…

Portal – release planned for Thursday 12th May


Release 31.1 – 28/4/22 

Portal – also known as a hotfix, this is a release of software designed to address bugs and issues with the system. The following items are included;


Release 31 – 13/4/22 

Portal – No release to end users. In this sprint we have been largely building the version 2 panels which we intend to release in a consolidated block


  • Enhancements to support ICS level usage reporting
  • Various audit fixes and enhancements
  • Enhanced graphing capabilities to aid proactive monitoring


Release 30 – 23/3/22 – full details Release 30


  • Exploratory version 2 panel development – will not be end user facing at this point
  • Usage reporting capability – for use by the Interweave team
  • Ethnicity field added
  • Communication preferences added – exploratory functionality needing further development


  • Error logging and monitoring tools to aid the Support function
  • PIX registration for TPP non-GP data feeds
  • Data handling, performance and security improvements


Hot fix 29.1 – 9/3/22 – TPP contextual launch issues – LLR removal of Black Pear Portal feature


Release 29 – 2/3/22 – full details Release 29


  • Liquid Logic contextual launch – Idea – the functionality will be release but implementation is pending a Liquid Logic release in April
  • Improvements to the Available data panel (provider remains in view during horizontal scrolling)
  • Configurable idle timeout setting introduced, the default is 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Black Pear End of Life panel – this will not be released to customers pending further Clinical Safety review Idea
  • Fixes 


  • Groundwork for monitoring improvements
  • Enhanced logging to aid support / troubleshooting
  • Onboarding Suite – UI improvements
  • Ability for one user to access multiple organisation in Onboarding Suite – Idea
  • Fixes:

ICR-334: Toc messages rejected with MSG_PARAM_INVALID

Release of InterSystems Proxy 1.9.1 introduced a configuration issue, resulting in $process-message being unavailable.

ICROB-398: Problem with subscription notification handler

ICROB-389: SynLib.FHIR.RepositoryOperationsAudit failing after upgrading the fhir appliance

ICROB-366: Location missing from list of resources in Onboarding suite

Connect (aka FHIR Appliance)

  • Improvements to caching in the Docker Proxy to save space and purge after 10 mins (in line with jwt validity period) – Idea
    • Note: organisations will need to perform a local upgrade


Release 28 – 9/2/22


  • Liquid Logic contextual launch of the portal (back-end only)
  • New panels for general release: Condition, Procedure
  • New panel for internal testing only: Diagnostic Report


  • Subscriptions refactor for large quantity handling
  • Fixes:

YHCLOUD-1310 – Increase timeout for consent cache service action

YHCLOUD-1311 – Fix issue with aggregator removing “OR” parameter in certain queries

YHCLOUD-1338 – Defensive coding around incorrect data in RelatedPerson – see ICROB-330

YHCLOUD-1346 – Update operation set to correctly return a 201 response, instead of 200

YHCLOUD-1350 – Fix to consent service to use delimiter from env instead of hard coded “:” (Found as a result of config change testing in Sandpit in Release 27)

YHCLOUD-1326 – Multiple “forbidden” operation outcomes – see ICROB-287


Release 27 – 5/1/22


  • completion of the improvements identified by the Accessibility audit
  • implementation of a downtime landing page (the wording is currently being revised based on feedback)
  • improved user experience for tenancy admins
  • infrastructure changes within Google Cloud to further exploit the platforms scalability


  • Improved error logging and handling to facilitate further enhancement end user notifications