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Shared Care Record Connects City Health Care Partnership and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Sharing and growing the use of our shared records is building the usability and functionality of our technology. City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) was originally unable to view necessary patient information, in relation to patient movements in and out of Secondary Care. This was not available to Community care clinicians and now through the YHCR we are able to connect the flow of information between Hull University Teaching Trust (HUTH) and CHCP in the community.


Phase 1 of the project is to support the sharing of Admission, Transfer and Discharge information between HUTH and CHCP. This is the base integration work that will provide an initial ‘view only’ dashboard to the central admin team (Care Co-ordination Team) that notifies them of any interaction a patient has had with the Acute Trust in near real time.


CHCP will be piloting the new subscription mechanism from YHCR which will enable events to be triggered when data changes. This will help support the automation and streamlining of the process to notify Community teams of a location change in their patient, avoiding wasted visits, support the discharge process and reduce manual processes both in Secondary and Community Care.


The next steps are to expand the service to include three dashboards:

  1. Care Coordination dashboard – View only dashboard that notifies of any interaction a patient has had with the Acute.
  2. Service Dashboard – Integrated dashboard to SystmOne. Once alerts are triggered a task is then created.
  3. Clinical Lead Dashboard – Contains all features of service dashboard.


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