Population Health Management – Analytics

Interweave Analytics

Analytics is a data platform to facilitate population health management insights, decisions and policy, helping to address the region’s most challenging health outcomes.


The platform provides a Query tool which integrates with the Shared Care Record, pulling data  and de-identifying it for secondary use purposes.


Data visualisation tooling can be deployed as required be participating organisation.

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Key Benefits

  • both real time data and the ability to upload data sets where required
  • cloud computing power with guaranteed performance levels
  • ability to create a single view of the patient from the data sets
  • simple tooling to create bespoke reports against FHIR resources
  • Power BI dashboards for general users
  • ability to leverage machine learning and AI predictive analysis for advanced users
  • supported by an Academy approach to creating a cohort of skilled individuals
  • Established IG model; including use de-identification tooling and compliance with national data opt-out for secondary uses of data