Shared Care Record – Connect

Interweave Connect

Connect is a key component of the architecture. Originally known as the FHIR Appliance, Connect is a standards compliant server which, following data mapping procedures, converts existing data into FHIR resources and provides this data to the Exchange to facilitate a shared care record. In short, Connect enables the transfer of data from providers into the Exchange.

More information can be found in our Git Hub repository.

Git Hub


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Key Benefits

    • A complete implementation of a FHIR Server and FHIR Store (fully compliant with FHIR STU 3)
    • Support for synchronous queries, but also for asynchronous bulk extracts and event-driven subscriptions
    • Flexible endpoint configuration
    • Possible to configure dual endpoints for external vs internal access
    • Entirely configurable choice of listener ports
    • Options for http or https (including mutual authentication)
    • Options for message authentication (jwt, api-key, none)
    • Audit log of all activities (available as FHIR AuditEvent resources)
    • Option to automate registration of patients with a regional PIX server
    • Runs on Linux or Windows Server 2019, using either Postgres or MSSQL database
    • Dockerised deployment for ease of installation