Shared Care Record – Portal

Interweave Portal

Portal is a web app which provides a blended view of the data from multiple sources, via the Exchange, and thereby presents a holistic view of the patient/person for those front-line workers providing direct care.

Although some organisations will build their own user interface, the Portal provides are read-made alternative which can be used as a standalone app or as an integrated solution, e.g. it can be launched from within a patient record. Known as ‘contextual launch’, this method is preferable as it removes the need for separate logins and passwords!

Key Benefits


  • Relevant data available on the move (the Portal is internet facing)
  • Better / more informed clinical decisions with more data on hand
  • Reduced clinical risk
  • Less chasing of colleagues for information
  • Less unwanted communication – no need to chase up appointments, instant access to documents etc
  • A view of medications prescribed by multiple settings
  • Avoidance of duplicate investigations
  • A better patient experience – reduced need to ask the patient for information already held by other clinicians
  • More time to spend with patients
  • Reduction in tests
  • Data retrieved on demand in real-time