Shared Care Record – Portal

Interweave Portal

Portal is a web app which provides a blended view of the data from multiple sources, via the Exchange, and thereby presents a holistic view of the patient/person for those front-line workers providing direct care.

Although some organisations will build their own user interface, the Portal provides are read-made alternative which can be used as a standalone app or as an integrated solution, e.g. it can be launched from within a patient record. Known as ‘contextual launch’, this method is preferable as it removes the need for separate logins and passwords!

Supported Browsers

Please note that a modern browser is required to operate the Portal, generally this means Chrome or Edge. It will not function in old non-supported browsers such as Internet Explorer, and it will also not function if Edge is run in ‘IE mode’ which is sometimes the practice required to support legacy applications.

It is not fully tested on Firefox and Safari.

Compatibility details

The portal user experience is optimised for the two prevailing browsers, and different screen resolutions are tested, as detailed below:

Microsoft Edge

Version 112.0.1722.48 (Official build) (64-bit)

Screen Display resolution -1920*1080(Recommended)

Screen Display resolution -1600*900

Google Chrome

Version 112.0.5615.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Screen Display resolution -1920*1080 (Recommended)

Screen Display resolution (1600*900)

Key Benefits


  • Relevant data available on the move (the Portal is internet facing)
  • Better / more informed clinical decisions with more data on hand
  • Reduced clinical risk
  • Less chasing of colleagues for information
  • Less unwanted communication – no need to chase up appointments, instant access to documents etc
  • A view of medications prescribed by multiple settings
  • Avoidance of duplicate investigations
  • A better patient experience – reduced need to ask the patient for information already held by other clinicians
  • More time to spend with patients
  • Reduction in tests
  • Data retrieved on demand in real-time