Stage One: Initiation

1. You will need to provide the following (templates are available):

a. Project Initiative Document (PID)
b. Local Charter
c. Executive sign off

2. Then you can proceed to Assurance Gate 1 where Interweave will review the documentation and approve the project.
3. On approval you will be provided with access to the Members area of the website.

Stage Two: Assurance

There are three elements of assurance:

  1. Information Governance (IG)
  2. Technical Assurance
  3. Organisational readiness

These activities can be carried out in parallel. Click on each of the above to see the appropriate guidance.


A project needs the following documentation;

  1. ISA
  2. DPA
  3. DPIA
  4. Fair processing Notice
  5. National Sharing Agreement (if accessing GP Connect)

Technical Assurance

You need to complete the following checklist:

  1. Technical Assurance Checklist

Organisation readiness

Please confirm the following are in place:

  1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  2. First Line Support Model

Finally, please provide the Onboarding Checklist (together with supporting evidence) to where?

Once approved at Gate 2, a Jira ticket will be raised to move onto the next stage.

Stage Three: Implementation

On gate 2 approval a Jira ticket will be raised to create your Production tenancy. We will need details in the link to MS Form.

Setting up a tenancy from TPP SystmOne requires:

  1. Creating a context launch feature – see guide
  2. Each user needs to register – see guide

However, before this can be deployed to all staff, Clinical Safety needs to be undertaken so that your organisation is satisfied there is no clinical risk. This will require:

  1. Clinical Safety review by your CSO
  2. Completion of DBC0160
  3. Completion of a Hazard Log
  4. Completion of a Clinical Safety Closure Report

You can find all our CS documentation here.

Once we have reviewed your documentation (do we?) we can proceed to Gate 3 and Go Live!