Data Available

Interweave technology supports several Shared Care Record implementations. Here’s a snapshot of the data being provided by participating organisations, as well as reference to the GP Connect HTML data the portal is capable of displaying (please see bottom of page), last updated 23/05/2024

GP Connect HTML Feed

The GP Connect HTML feed currently provides users with access to the following data:


  • Medical record summary
  • Problems
  • Clinical report
  • Observations
  • Encounter report
  • Clinical administration
  • Immunisations
  • Referral details
  • Medication record
  • Allergies & reactions


Further information regarding GP Connect can be found on the national website.


Please note. Data is accurate at the time of extraction from Console. Some changes may have since occurred and may not be reflected in the current provision report. For a more accurate update please contact the Interweave Team or provider Organisation.