Onboarding process

If you’ve joined us recently, please follow one of the appropriate processes below.

We are a provider

We have data to provide into the Shared Care Record.


We are a consumer

We want to view data in the Shared Care Record.


Useful documents

Access useful information and documentation, based on the stage of work you are looking for support with.

This phase covers early engagement, helping you understand the concept, explore options, confirm commitment, consider funding and resource requirements, and define the scope of the project.


Once approved, this phase requires the completion of assurance activities relevant to the project, to provide confidence both to the organisation and Interweave. A detailed list of the assurance activities required can also be found here.


In this phase, we must assure our stakeholders that the project is ready to go live. The project team should consider organisational readiness and local governance, as well as their communication plans, business change and training.


This phase is designed to support an organisation in their early use of Interweave. Key activities include consistent communications and business change, benefit realisation and monitoring any issues and feedback.