Technical principles

Reuse whatever is available: systems technical standards, coding systems and vocabularies.

Federate data where practical: custody of data is important, don’t make unnecessary copies.

Centralise services where beneficial: there is cost-benefit to building once and using many times.

Safe and Secure: promote trust by compliance with all relevant Cyber Security and Information Governance requirements.

FHIR where possible: FHIR is standard gaining international traction particularly in the NHS. It is relatively mature and provides a high coverage of use cases.

Separate user interfaces from data: user interfaces are changed every few years, data lasts for decades.

Normalisation where appropriate: normalisation is complex but is not essential in all use cases. Human interpretation of data allows for certain inconsistencies.

Flexible: Allow for local autonomy and self-determination

FHIR Implementation Guide

This Implementation Guide defines Interweave standards for the population of FHIR Resources and is based on practical experience with early implementers. It aims to address real-world practical problems which have been discovered in implementation due to the wide-ranging optionality of FHIR.

FHIR Implementation Guide

Portal Context Launch

To enable the launch of the Interweave Portal from a partner system, please refer to our implementation specification below.

Context Launch Spec

Interweave Connect repo

Documentation and download files for running the Interweave Connect FHIR appliance.

Github repo

Systems interoperability

Health & Care organisations may wish to consider interoperability with the Interweave Shared Care Record platform, guidance can be found below.


Interweave Interoperability Cookbook Abstract (2nd-Edition v1.1)

This document is an abstract of the detailed designs which have been authored in support of the development of Interweave. The designs are a set of papers which are in the public domain, and which are intended to comprehensively document the software and operating processes which constitute the infrastructure behind Interweave. 


View Interoperability Cookbook Abstract
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Technical Videos